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Biology, normal phenomena and Engineering (BNT)

Operation-associated expertise reset 2.1 Attaining Awareness 2.1 gaining expertise phenomena observe and describe subjective perceptions discuss and purpose data fluctuate very simple Measurements significantly observations of phrases discern purely natural phenomena and practical difficulties questions create, confirm presumptions and experimentally confirm experiments within the assistance evaluate, implement and plan a perceptible model significant use structure traits of microorganisms criterion referenced compare and describe uncomplicated determination assists appropriately implement easy methods to solving a scientific or specialized dilemma create 2.2 communication 2.2 interaction together with the technical and scientific be employed in a workforce assume responsibility for function techniques, interact with each other persevering even though goals and duties talk about essential her solution their s observations as well as the results of their do the job record for illustrating results and data correct charts and tables to develop relationships somewhere between day-to-day situations and technical and scientific concerns to create information correct register showing appropriate information and facts of simple fact or every day text messages and visual representations within the suitable specialized words designed engage in progressively more somewhere between everyday language and technological dialect information recognize very simple drawings and sketches read and create 2.3 assessment 2.3 assessment controlled expertise for solving on a daily basis difficulties seems sensible to implement the statements of animals to their habitat together with the real estate ailments as a your home or farm dogs assess preferred suggestions and critically evaluate programs of activity to have an ecologically discuss and normal daily life endurable and execution barriers recognize clinical – It and techie information to evaluate safety and risks measures to use ecologically and economically accountable way with energy and materials bypass buy essay their actions as well as success based on predefined factors reflect and evaluate 2.4 Prep 2.4 Groundwork of easy planning documents put into action resources and straightforward devices professionally and safely by using easy specialized products final prepare very simple specialized attributes and functioning problems in the creation of something beat helping perspectives – – GNI (facts) – importance and risks of sustainable creation (specifics) – complexity and dynamics of lasting growth (details) – principles?? And criteria in decision making (information) – factors for sustainability-encouraging and-inhibiting actions (facts) -participation and involvement, engagement (information) – democracy functionality (aspects) – Friedensstrateg ien (specifics) – education for tolerance and approval of range (particulars) – Personal and social diversity (particulars) – Price-primarily based administration (aspects) – tolerance, solidarity and inclusion no-discrimination (aspects) – personal-breakthrough and recognition of other living forms (details) – styles ofprejudice and stereotypes, cliches (details) – struggle image resolution and reconciliation of interests ( details) – security of minorities (information) – intercultural kinds and interreligious conversation (details) – health and prevention advertising (information) – sensation and perception (aspects) – personal-legislation and studying (information) – relaxation and exercise (aspects) – body and hygiene (specifics) – diet regime (specifics) – dependency and addiction (particulars) – bullying and physical violence (specifics) – safety and accident prevention (aspects) – BO (aspects) – Area of interest-specific and actions-oriented s access to work and professional existence (Facts) – information regarding education, career, study and occupations tracks (aspects) – verification and assessment individual abilities and potential (Specifics) – Gender components when choosing a family, career and life preparation (facts) – competency assessment, techniques assessment and decision training (facts) – design and planning in the cross over to studies, career and training (particulars) – press Learning (aspects) – press provider (facts) – mass media examination (details) – information and knowledge (details) – communication and cooperation (specifics) – production and presentation (particulars) – safeguard of Kids (facts) – Educational self-determination Recognize (details) – information technology basics (aspects) – buyer Education and learning (specifics) – use their own individual resources (specifics) – opportunities and risks of existence (Deta ils) – requirements and dreams (information) – Investments and Finance (aspects) – Customer Proper rights (details) – excellent of purchaser items (Information) – daily ingestion (information) – media as influencing variables (aspects) – shopper Education (particulars)

3.1.8 Crops 3.1.1 working and thinking strategies to the natural sciences and engineering independent products 3.1.2 – guarding the surroundings 3.1.3 Drinking water – an essential product 3.1.4 energy properly 3.1.5 vertebrates 3.1.6 Growth of Guy 3.1. 7 invertebrates 3.1.8 vegetation 3.1.9 Ecosystem 3.1.10 A product manufactured 3.1.11 develop a going subject.

3.1.8 vegetation.

The scholars identify plants and flowers as residing organisms making use of their usual bodily organs. They acknowledge the range of forms and diversity. It is possible to structural and functional differences and similarities define a variety of plants and plant young families. They describe and explain the development and other kinds of reproduction.

The students can.

The common body organs of any blooming grow describe and called their purpose.

The average body organs of your flowering grow called and describe their functionality.

The average internal organs of the flowering plant called and describe their operate.

Germination tests evaluate, plan and implement.

Germination experiments plan, implement and evaluate.

Germination experiments evaluate, implement and plan.

(Z. B. Put impression) building blooms explore

(Z. B. Place image) setting up plants take a look at

(Z. B. Place appearance) constructing roses explore

Due to the fresh flowers creating representatives of two plant families off their existing atmosphere determine (z. B. Make Herbarium)

Established on such basis as the flower engineering staff of a couple of place family members off their residing setting and determines an (z. B. Build Herbarium)

Decided judging by the plant construction officials of several shrub families using their residing setting and secures an (z. B. Generate Herbarium)

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